Ahad, Julai 13, 2008

Warkah untuk Rakan-Rakan

Hello there,

How's SUMMER treating you? While summertime sounds 'fun', we all knew the reality here is harsher. Please take extra precaution when you have to be/work outdoor under the scorching sun. Also, take extra effort to know what is 'heat stroke', your risks, the signs (symptoms), how to avoid it and how to overcome it. You never know when a simple knowledge can actually save you from death. Well, we're not going to fret about you-take-care-of-yourselves because we have better news to divulge you with.
  1. We have created a google group for KERAS forum platform. Here's the link http://groups.google.com/group/keras?hl=en. I believe that all you should have received the invitation, but we have yet to see your exuberant response flooding in. Well, we understand that you could have been busy to respond, so we are doing the second option. We will include you automatically into the group, and if you feel that you don't belong there or that the group doesn't up to your taste, you can just opt out. By joining this group, you're allowed to participate in the forum, received news from the group, access files and photos shared by the group or upload your photos to be shared as well. So, as mature professionals you are expected to act like one. :) A public forum should be treated like a public forum. If you're new to public forum, please take some time to read Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  2. This is HOT! One of us, Malaysian, yes, Malaysian of Ranhill team, was caught red-handed for throwing out rubbish from his car at the parking lot. And the one who spot him was none other than our renown no-nonsense vocal PM; oops, we don't think we can disclose that. The news has leaked and now everybody are talking behind our back. They think that all Malaysians are like that, like the one who merrily throw out bottles/tissues/anything out from the window, out from their sight. We don't want to be cynical here, but don't you think that this is a great news. Now we can stop boasting that we came from a better part of the world. We can stop pretending that we're better nurtured. Who we're to look down at other people? Now, just because one of us did that, we're on par with all those earth polluters. What a tragedy...
  3. ... and it doesn't stop there either. Now, they also noticed that we Malaysians didn't stop at zebra crossing. Period.

Well, we'd say that these are good news. Look at it from outside the box. Now, we have the opportunity to prove otherwise. It is an uphill task, but hey, you have to earn your respect.

Ila liqa ma'a salaamah

ps: we posted this mail to the group to start a new thread. please reply to the group.

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